Ocean Club of Florida

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Our welcoming fitness center is open daily from 6:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.

Water Fitness classes will be taught for all levels, addressing specific needs of members & guests.  Join us for strength, muscle toning, body control & flexibility with a special emphasis on core strength.

Contact Laura Plofchan at 561.490.0292 with any fitness concerns.

Fitness Schedule Beginning November 1, 2021

Monday   3:00 P.M. Pilates
Tuesday   9:00 A.M. Pilates
Wednesday   9:00 A.M. Pi/Yo
Thursday   9:00 A.M.
10:00 A.M.
Friday   9:00 A.M. Pilates

Class Descriptions


Classes will be low-impact and focus on strength, muscle toning, body control and flexibility with a specific emphasis on core strength.  All fitness levels are welcome, modifications will be offered when appropriate.  Resistance bands, hand weights, balls & resistance rings may also be used during class.  Comfortable clothing, bare feet or studio socks are recommended.


Combines the strength training—and body lengthening—aspects of Pilates with the core training and stretching elements of yoga to create an entirely new workout experience.  It's low impact and adaptable to all ages and fitness levels.  Comfortable clothing & bare feet are recommended.


A gentle conditioning class designed to build muscle strength, increase joint mobilization, improve balance awareness, and maintain cardiovascular health.  Weights, resistance bands, therapy balls, and other equipment will be used during the class.  Exercises will be done standing as well as seated in a chair.  Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes are recommended.